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What People are Saying...
Helen Meeker, Vashon (client)
"Many, many thanks Linda. Your assistance enabled me to unravel some of the most infuriating, impenetrable 'we don't speak the same language' parts of Microsoft Office 2010 and actually learn how to make them work for me! The tools you provided, and the clue sheets you left behind have made my work unmeasurably simpler and much, much more enjoyable."
Susie Fitzhugh, Vashon (client)
"Oh, the mysteries of unopened moving boxes! I've been here since Thanksgiving and was making very little headway until at last I called for help [in March]. Here is a sharp, no-nonsense (but with an all-important sense of humor) person who helped me break through the overwhelming-ness of the piles so I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel."
Randy Valimont - Pipe Designer, Cascade Natural Gas (colleague)
“Linda is a highly motivated individual and very pleasant to work with. She makes multi-tasking look mundane. I've never seen an office run more smoothly or efficiently when she's involved. From her bright smile in the morning to her little finger wave goodbye at night she adds a dimension and a brightness to the office that few people can.”
Cindy Hess - Gas Marketing Admin, Cascade Natural Gas (colleague)
“Linda has a creativity that far exceeded what was tapped into while she worked at Cascade. Her work was very impressive, flawless and stood on its own. She took time assessing the needs and always exceeded expectations. When her position changed due to internal restructuring, she flourished where planted and adapted well to the changes. Linda would be an excellent team player and definite asset for your team!”
James Hayner - Director of Sales, Retail Lockbox, Inc. (business partner)
“One of Linda's many desirable characteristics is her creativity; she has the ability to think outside of the box. Additionally, she is detail oriented, punctual, talented and very pleasant to be with. Also, I like her work ethic. A solid work ethic is becoming more and more a rarity these days and it was always a great to know that a job started by Linda was always a job completed no matter what the circumstances. I highly recommend Linda – she is a bright woman and a self-starter.” James Hayner Director of Sales Retail Lockbox, Inc. 
Craig Peterson - Manager, Energy Services and Capacity Management, Cascade Natural Gas (colleague)
“I know Linda to be a diligent and conscientious teammate. She is careful to deliver on timeframes and commitments. As Media Coordinator, we were all her clients who demanded much of her time and abilities and she did not let us down. Linda worked to define and deliver the results needed for our business expectations. We considered Linda part of our team.” 
Jean Bosch - Vashon Realtor, John L Scott Real Estate (business partner)
“I know Linda to be a careful and thoughtful person with a high level of professional commitment. She is deliberate when needed and can take appropriate action quickly when the situation calls for it. Linda can accurately assess and follow through consistently. She understands how to best make a contribution in the corporate world and is very good     with customer satisfaction.” 
    Peter Schwartz - Director, Field Customer Service, Cascade Natural Gas (colleague)
“Linda produces value added results using her excellent technical skills and collaborative approach. Linda would be an excellent fit on any team as she is a creative, innovative, resourceful and dedicated professional.”
       Debra Pulis - Sr. Administrative Assistant, Cascade Natural Gas  (colleague)
          “I've worked with Linda for over 10 years and have enjoyed her cheerful, positive and energetic disposition.               She is excellent at cultivating and maintaining good relationships with others in the  workforce and provides            excellent customer service. She is a versatile marketing professional and creative problem solver who is                      dependable, analytical and would be an asset to any organization. She puts forth her best and I highly                 recommend her.”
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